Samantha B Studio: Blog en-us (C) Samantha B Studio (Samantha B Studio) Mon, 15 May 2017 21:10:00 GMT Mon, 15 May 2017 21:10:00 GMT Samantha B Studio: Blog 120 120 Sarah and Andy It was a beautiful day for couple Sarah and Andy, whose country chic wedding at Colloca Estate Winery embodied a beautiful and gentle love that could only be surpassed by the good lord himself. When I was asked by Corina Foster Photography to join in todays celebration I knew that the couple would be as sweet and down to earth as she is. The couple along with Family and friends laughed together, prayed together , and more importantly loved together. From their gorgeous flowers to their country chique details and amazing wedding bands from Cazenovia Jewelry, the details combined with their chemistry made for a perfect summer day. 

Sarah's beauty both inside and out was magnified by her laughter as her favorite mascot Otto  made a surprise appearance just for her on their big day. Sarah and Andy's lighthearted and kind demeanor matched that of their families and the rest of their guest making this a truly beautiful wedding to photograph. The simple yet elegant touches from the babies breath to their charming wedding cake made Sarah and Andy's wedding a "picture perfect" tribute to their love.  



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The Best Way To Welcome Spring!           You guys remember that sweet gender reveal we did in the fall? Well I'm pleased to announce the appearance of Princess Brinley Rose. What better way to welcome spring but by new life ?!? She's got doe eyes (watch out Daddy) and the cutest little smirk. She was a well behaved little muffin and she loves her big brother so much! It fills my heart with so much Joy to see sweet families grow. I know this little one fills a need that no one knew that they were missing but could not possibly consider living without! 


New life is hard and NOBODY enjoys diaper changes. Its the little things we take for granted that we look so fondly on later on in life. 




Big Brother is sooooo excited . You can just see the pride on his face!


Welcome Snuggle Bug <3


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Essentials For Your Boudoir Session    The number one request I receive from boudoir clients is "What do I wear?!" I can't tell you how many women I have met that have talked themselves out of a session because they believe they have nothing to wear. I'm here to tell you this is untrue! Boudoir sessions are about feeling beautiful just the way you are , you don't need the *perfect wardrobe to feel beautiful. Below I have put together 3 essential outfits for your boudoir session that you likely already own in your wardrobe, which is always a bonus! 


  First. The number one item that most don't consider bringing to their boudoir session is "The Little Black Dress". Boudoir has come a long way in recent years and has begun to blend some with Glamour. Most people have a negative connotation with Glamour photography but this is a conversation for another post! My favorite way to get my ladies warmed up in front of the camera is to start with the little black dress. You are already spending a good part of your day with me , we might as well get you a professional headshot or new Facebook profile picture. Theres no better way to begin a boudoir session then with a dress that you feel comfortable and sexy in. Choose a nice statement jewelry piece that you can use later on in your session, it will help tie the whole thing together especially great for wall art and in your album later. Always bring a pair of black pumps, they go with almost everything and will elongate your legs for those fun full body poses. Lastly consider your nails. French tips or light pinks are best. You want something neutral that will not be distracting from the main subject, which is you!




  • Little Black Dress (or any color you love)
  • Statement Jewelry you can use again later
  • Black Pumps
  • Neutral Nails




Little Black Dress


Little Black Dress by samantha-bee featuring retro style dresses


Retro style dress



525 America turtleneck top
$94 -



Gianvito Rossi pumps
$675 -





Second. Now I have to say this is my FAVORITE. This is the best outfit for those who feel they have nothing to wear, because every single woman that I know has a favorite comfy sweater! Pair it with a comfy set of over the knee socks and (optional) cup of coffee and you look like sexy is your everyday self. This look is beautiful in studio as well as in home sessions. This outfit  is also the perfect opportunity to switch up your hair a bit with the half top knot thats uber trendy right now. Effortless beauty is the best kind!



  • Favorite Comfy Sweater
  • (optional) Trendy Top Knot Hairstyle
  • (optional) Cup O Joe




Natural Boudoir


Natural Boudoir by samantha-bee featuring slouch socks


WithChic knit sweater
$21 -



Urban Outfitters slouch socks



Third. If you are looking for a quick way to elevate your lingerie game you want straps. The More. The Better. But if you don't have strap you cannot go wrong with a lacy black two piece. This is also a perfect opportunity to include a sheer komono, or robe. Layers during your session will always be fun. You will have the opportunity to play with some of the off the shoulder sexy or spinning and playing with the extra fabric can translate into happy playful peppy photos.This is also a great opportunity to break out your nude heels. Nude heels are ESSENTIAL when planning your session. They elongate the leg while keeping the focus upward . We can also include again your statement jewelry piece from earlier.



  • Black Lacy Two Piece ( lots of straps optional)
  • Sheer Komono or Robe
  • Essential Nude Pumps
  • Statement Jewelry Piece (from earlier) 



Wild At Heart


Wild At Heart by samantha-bee featuring patent leather pumps



ASOS strappy cage bra
$31 -




Christian Louboutin patent leather pumps
$565 -



Like what you've seen here today? Join our private ladies only Facebook group!    Boudoir With Samantha B  Stay updated with new sessions and trends and see what other ladies have to say about Samantha B Studio. See you There!


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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer      Searching for a wedding photographer is hard. There are so many options out there , there are different styles , different prices; it all can get very confusing very quickly. Sometimes it is SO hard when I first meet a bride and hear all the tension in her voice knowing that she is comparing her many options and feels very lost and confused. Your wedding Photographer is one of the biggest aspects of your day and it is a big decision to make. I've put together a few thoughts on how to pick the best one below. 


     I think back to a particular wedding I had he pleasure of photographing with Emily Elizabeth Studios. Your wedding photographer(s) spend the most time with you throughout the day as ANYONE else. A great wedding photographer will understand your needs throughout the big day. I can't tell you how many times a photographer with a safety pin saved the day! Here are a few snaps I caught of Emily for a few behind the scenes roles many people don't realizer their wedding photographer could be helping with . A great wedding photographer will try to go above and beyond to make your day special and running smoothly. 





With someone helping behind the scenes it so much easier to enjoy your big day the little things don't even matter anymore! 




Something else you want to consider when choosing your wedding photographer is their attention to detail. Now there are a few different areas where this is important. But lets talk right now about the details of your wedding day. I cannot tell you how many times a bride has said something along the lines of "wow I didn't even know that was happening" or "thank you so much for capturing that detail I can't find it anywhere". You will spend countless hours and dollars on every little detail of your big day. Notes and letters can become lost, center pieces are bulky and maybe you rented them. You might be surprised from the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you find a photograph of something small from your wedding day, maybe it was even something you had forgotten until that very moment. When choosing a wedding photographer for yourself consider their attention to detail in their images. 



Personality is oh such a big one. You should feel comfortable with your photographer. Maybe you are shy , but you trust them completely to help your personality shine through. They are fun and lighthearted and they make you feel lighthearted on the BEST DAY EVER. My clients love that we can be a little silly together and that silliness comes through in their memories. 



     Make sure that your photographer can tell your story. Your wedding should be a story from start to finish. Look for stories in your wedding photographers work. I love part of this Bride & Groom's story.

     In Poland, a central part of the wedding ceremony is the presentation of bread and salt to the newly-married couple. The parents of the couple present them with rye bread sprinkled with salt and a drink; the bread represents the symbolic hope that they will never go hungry; the salt reminds them that their joint life will have its difficulties and the drink represents the parents' wishes for health and happiness for the couple. The Bride and Groom are then presented with two glasses, one glass contains vodka, and the other only water. Of course the couple cannot tell which is which; the one who gets vodka will play a leading role in the new marriage.



   I think its safe to say our groom found the vodka :) 


     The last thing I'm going to give you when considering your wedding photographer is how you wish to be portrayed on your big day. Photographers have many different styles in terms of posing their subject . Some are very posed very formal. Others are very candid whatever you do naturally . I personally like to be somewhere in the middle. Guiding you through your own natural poses. Ask your photographer what their posing style is like and you will have a great idea on how your day will go. 


      If you keep these things in mind when meeting your potential photographer you are sure to find the perfect fit for you and your future spouse. Best wishes on your journey! 




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May Wedding These cold months are the perfect time to reflect back on last years work. The pros and the cons. But the part that I most enjoy about this time of year is looking forward to all the things I will be doing differently and the ways that I want to grow and improve. The next few weeks I plan to reflect on the year that I've experienced and the beautiful lives I have had the blessing of being a part of. 


These lovelies I had the benefit of photographing with Leanne Rose Photography.  This was my first experience at Apple Country Retreat and it was such an enjoyable one! If you are looking for rustic venues most definitely check them out!


Spring weddings are the best , the earth is just waking up and everything smells so wonderful and fresh. 

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Baby Jack I LOVE meeting new little ones. This cool guy was sent to me by a dear friend and I'll warn you his smile is quite contagious haha 


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Rachel + Kevin Are Engaged! This year has been amazing! I have so much I want to share with the inter webs and November has felt like burning both ends of the candle. What makes it all ok is the special time and connection that I get to have with my clients. I say it often but I am just so incredibly thankful to be a tiny part of such a special time in so many lives. It fills my heart with Joy and makes the lack of sleep all worth it haha. Rachel and Kevin are a story of young love. They have been in each others lives since childhood and it grew into something more. You can tell that these two are the type of couple that touch the hearts of those they meet if only for a brief encounter. They are silly and loud and confident in all the best ways. Their engagement session was so fun and I know that their wedding will be amazing too. Amber and I cannot wait. 



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Sweet Baby Leo I know I say it all the time but I honestly just love watching families grow! These two are the kind of couple that were friends forever but you always secretly hoped would end up together.So when I found out they were expecting my heart was bursting with Joy! The icing on the cake of course was meeting sweet baby Leo. He is so happy all the time! Leo is all smiles and giggles and snuggles and I guarantee  he brings joy to everyone he meets. This little guy is the type of little guy that makes you beg mom and dad to keep having more babies (insert mom and dad eye roll here). Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a tender and private milestone in your life <3



The love that a parent has for their child cannot ever be fully expressed. But just catching a small glimpse of it can fill your heart with so much love you just might burst! I LOVE capturing that emotion and bottling it up for you to treasure forever. 




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Gina+ Dave+ Payton's Surprise Gender Reveal ! When my dear friend Gina told me she was expecting we both leapt for joy! Knowing very well her desire for another little one and sibling for sweet Payton. THEN when she told me that I might know her babies gender even before HER I could not contain my excitement. Neither parent nor sibling knew the gender of the newest addition to the family. Being trusted with this beautiful gold globe of paper mache and my important job of stuffing it with the right color! Well it all made me very weak in the knees lol . These are real emotions people Payton the brave little man was rooting for a boy, mom and dad hoping for a girl to complete their precious little family, and the verdict is.......




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Liv & Nathan When I heard the news that sweet Liv was getting married I was full of JOY ! When I met Nathan and saw them together my heart was full of Love. This sweet sweet couple tie the knot very soon!!! 


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Baby Ayla Hey Guys! I'm taking advantage of this rare opportunity in the middle of summer to look back on all the fun things I have been blessed to be a part of this season. Baby Ayla was one of my first spring sessions. Honestly what better way to welcome the end of cold and snow but with a beautiful newborn baby girl?!!? 

She has the sweetest little family and it still warms my heart to think about the time I was able to spend with her in my little studio. 

Being prepped for her debut: 

This little girl was so new to the world and yet she was born and blessed with so much sass and personality , she was a little ham and was not afraid to show us her diva side.



We pooped her out real good and she was the sweetest little sleeping angel <3


The love and Joy this beautiful family filled my space with was palpable.


Thank You sweet baby Ayla!




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Allison & Sean I LOVE days like the one I shared with this lovely couple. As some of you may know I am currently planning my own wedding  and of course have procrastinated up until the very last minute to do many things. Seriously, huge shout out to all of you brides and your creativeness and organization! Planning a wedding is NO JOKE and I have a newfound respect for each and every one of you it is a daunting task... So when this awesome couple from Boston wanted to tie the knot 7 days before me I just had to jump to the challenge! I personally think it payed off, the weekend they were in town for a few days was the same weekend as many of my own wedding celebrations and they were champions in my book for agreeing to a sunrise session! Now there may have been some bribery of coffee to get the ball rolling for Sean but I think it was well worth it lol. 


These guys were so awesome to agree to a session this early ! And I love days full of love fun and laughter and they absolutely started MY day out in the best way possible. Quirky, feisty and awesome their session was a breeze.


We can't wait to celebrate with you guys on your big day!!!! And I could not be happier to share my wedding month with such an awesome couple <3

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Remington's Baptismal   Hey all!! So even though wedding season is in full swing its fun to switch it up a bit. I had the honor of meeting this beautiful family and documenting a very important day in their little mans life! I always feel so blessed to be a part of big moments but this family in particular really touched my heart, every single one of them was sweet and welcoming , by the end of our time together I felt like I had know each of them my whole life. Thanks to this amazing family for being so awesome and thanks for choosing me to be a part of it!




Thanks Again for being awesome!



Remington was so lucky to be born into such a good looking family ! The camera loved every moment with these fun easy going kids :) 


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Erin + Greg   Erin + Greg are just the sweetest! I knew the moment I met them from their gleaming smiles that their love would last forever and I was honored that they chose me to capture this exciting time in their lives. The best couples are always the ones who are a little camera shy at first .... until they see a little sneak and their eyes light up, thats when the magic happens! This session with Erin + Greg was as flawless as it was effortless and I can't wait until their big day <3


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The Drury Family Grows!          So anyone who knows me at all recognizes a face plastered all over my Facebook wall her name is Amber and anyone who knows me personally can expect to see her beautiful face almost anytime they see me. I'm going to get a little mushy here but I never thought I would find my soul sister! Amber is, for me, that cheesy friends forever friendship you watch in the movies that some people never find.

        Most people don't know but she basically walks right out of an episode of the Brady bunch and is the oldest of TEN. TEN. God bless her mother ( Who is also one of the sweetest most selfless human beings I have ever met) So when Amber asked me if I was up to the challenge of photographing their family of tweleve + a new addition (Welcome Morgan!) AND SOON TO BE 14 Congratulations LUKE + MORGAN for your precious little bundle of joy on the way; I HAD to jump to the challenge! Check out this BEAUTIFUL Family so near and dear to my heart <3


Now thats one good looking family right?!?!?!





And the parents that made it all happen!

The Sky was being pretty epic....


And Amber needed a few with Riley (who is much much bigger now)


Don't Forget the Epic jumping photos!

Welcome to the family Morgan! Congrats again to you and look can't wait to meet your little one ( I'm sure he will be just as photogenic as you guys)




Great Job Guys !!! Everyone pulled together and we got Fantastic results !!!


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Adam And Brianna's Cape Cod Celebration           Adam and Brianna have the purest kind of love. From the moment I met Bri I knew how she felt for Adam, long before I even met him I could see how pure and gentle their love for one another was. After spending time with them during their engagement session I knew this was a forever kind of love. Being originally from the Cape it only made sense for them to venture back to their home town to share their nuptials with their families and I was all too eager to hop on board! This was not a tourist wedding, this was a locals wedding, and Amber and I got to the feel like cool coastal locals for a day ;-)


The girls had butterflies the guys were ready Waaaaay early ha!


And this guy was just really confused as to why he was sharing space with a bunch of women....

And these guys were just hungry 



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Sometimes Second Place Is Better :)                Weird title right ? But its so true! I love second shooting , meeting new people learning new styles being a quick part of someone else's life. So when Corina Foster Photography needed a second I jumped at the idea. Now before we go any further if you are not familiar with her work you need to be. Her images make the whole world around you still for a few precious moments. Her rich colors and quiet moments pull you in until you feel like you know this image, this scene, like it was your own life warm and comfortable.

 Check her out on Facebook:

As well as Flickr:


                 So when we pulled up to this cute little barn in Upstate New York and I got to meet Josh and Nicole for the first time I was basically on cloud 9. The weather was beautiful sunny and 75 with a slight breeze and barely any humidity (which is pretty impressive) you could just feel the buzz in the air and you knew everyone was going to have a great day.



This is where the magic happens ;-)

Their Whole party was the sweetest and seriously sometimes the best part of being the second shooter is getting to hang out with the guys, they typically tend to be the driving force of the fun on wedding days at this point they are all just happy to be there!


But the best part of a wedding for me is the alone time with the Bride and Groom and Nicole and Josh loved theirs too. Nothing quite like stealing a few moments alone on your special day <3 




Their dance floor was pretty awesome too nothing quite like dancing under a clear open sky :) 




I'd say a day well done for everyone involved.



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Skaneateles Intimate Affair        The most important part of a wedding is the marriage. Marissa and Noah understood this perfectly. When I got the call from a friend that these two were searching for a last minute photographer I was pumped!! These quiet weddings can be the best, theres no fuss and all love. So even though I broke tradition and didn't meet these two until their special day I felt like we had been long time friends. 


There was a buzz in the air everyone was just so excited to be there

I could feel all the smiles and warm hearts when Marissa began the walk towards her groom.


The Ceremony was beautiful


There was a quick hair gelling and traffic stopping.

Congratulations Marissa and Noah! I wish you all the best :)



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A Fairytale Engagement I was so incredibly thrilled when Caitlin and Mark asked me to do their engagement photos ! These two have such a sense of flair, drama and passion that I knew this session would be straight out of the storybooks. 

The love and passion that surround these two cannot be denied. I have to say that holding in the excitement until their Seattle WA Wedding next year will be one of the hardest thing I ever do in my life.

Love them.


Did I mention the crazy thunderstorm that was happening the moment our session was to begin?

I am so happy that these troopers held out because the sky and the light could not have turned out better for us.


Fairy Tale Right? 

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A July Affair Hey ya'll! I'm so happy that this couple is my first post  because these two hold a tender place in my heart. I grew up with John and have fond memories of late night chats contemplating life and the meaning of it all, and even though I only had the pleasure of meeting Julianne once it does not take a professional to see the love radiating off the two of them. I had such a great time shooting for Christine McCafferty Photography check her out on Facebook @      But alas what we all want to see are the pictures!



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