Bee + Jenny's Lifestyle Session

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Hey there internet world ! Its been awhile. I have been working hard on bringing you fresh new content and I am very excited for the year ahead and all that I have planned . If you have been following along then you know I have spent the better part of the last eight months working on the super hush hush rebrand which I am hoping to roll out in March! I find that  I have a bit of a pattern , after the holidays I tend to withdraw a little work on things that don't involve a whole lot of socializing , then I pick my head up and before my very eyes an entire month has gone by ....whoops. 

 You may recognize this couple! We ran a contest a few months back and they were our winners. When I sat down with Bee + Jenny and got to know them better I felt like I was actually the winner here ! These two are so sweet and genuine and when they told me some of their favorite things to do where making pancakes , painting , reading together and the occasional video game challenge , it was a no brainer that their session was going to be in the home they created together. 

What better way to break the winter slump then with these two ? From the moment I reached their front door with their Wizard of Oz inspired sign I felt like I stepped right into one of Ms. Glinda's happy little bubbles. I admit I stayed longer then I usually would but if you where there you would have too. From fluffy pancakes to the perfect soundtrack it was easy to loose track of time. I hope that you feel the love that they have shared too <3 



P.S. A special little surprise. I am excited to announce that I now offer video services alongside photography . I am still working out some of the details but if you have been following along on other platforms then you have seen some of them. I have been exploring many different methods and collaborated with other artists to try and bring you the best experience and quality products that I can , I would love to hear from you ! Which has been your favorite so far and why ? Drop a comment below or shoot me an email , [email protected] . I will be compiling most of them together on my new YouTube Channel Samantha B Studio check it out.  I hope you feel beautiful today <3 



Melissa's Experience

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"I had a great time!  Samantha was very professional and did everything she could to make sure I was comfortable.  I had such an overwhelming feeling of confidence during my session, which is not something I expected given the nature of the photography! "


"Not really.  I was more excited than anything else.  My biggest fear was not knowing what to do in front of the camera, but [she] gave really good and simple direction.  It was fun watching myself come out of my comfort zone and really get into it as the session went on."

"My biggest inspiration was myself.  I have been on this crazy, awesome, exciting health and fitness journey over the past year.  With eighty pounds and 7 dress sizes down, I have been on this whirlwind of self discovery and I wanted these photos to show my new found sense of confidence and beauty."  


"My favorite part was getting all dolled up.  I felt like a movie star sitting in the high director-style chair while an artist created the perfect hair and makeup for the shoot.  I also really enjoyed getting to pick the music.  There's always that one song that you just come alive to, and I listened to that during my more sexy shots."


"Absolutely astounded.  I was in awe of the lighting, color, and angles that seemed so effortless by Samantha, but showed up so beautifully on film.  I finally saw myself through everyone else's eyes and thought, "Wow, really did it.  You are beautiful and radiate confidence.  Where have you been all my life?""


"Just.  Do.  It.  Don't wait until you lose those few extra pounds, or until you get your hair done next, or until you get your man's thoughts on it.  Just do this for you.  Once you see your photos, you will realize that you don't need to change anything.  You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are.  Only change for you, if you want to. Not for anyone else.  This session was better than any hour of therapy I've ever had."


Alyssa & Anne's Intimate Long Island Elopement

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               Elopements have my heart. As much as I love the elegant princess affair , those quiet backyard moments speak to my soul. Alyssa and Anne planned their intimate wedding and were not certain if a photographer was important , Anne's mom contacted me a week before the event because she knew she needed at least a few professional images from the day and I am so thankful she did!

              Alyssa and Anne wedded on a Saturday not so long ago. Though with nervousness towards the big day, they ascended with all the grace in the world. They created a love story I am eager to  share with all of you.

              I can tell that their  love will not stop here, with it they will create anything their hearts desire; They will find a place of home with room for celebration and rest. They will grow to tell of  happily ever after they have made as a family.

                As I look through these photos and see them smile, I smile too. I hope to give you also the chance to  witness the happiness they give their daughter, and praise these wonderful mothers on their perfect day.

                I love that they chose to incorporate sunflowers into their day because these two beautiful souls are as the sunflower, they will follow the warmth of the sun, and their love will blossom bigger and brighter by every passing summer.


Sunday's are for Showers :)

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Many of you know words are not my strong suite. I force myself to write in order to better serve you. I have always shared my stories through photos, but have recently learned that is not always enough. I really wanted to share this gorgeous event with all of you ( hello internet world) so I force myself to the blog. Each new blog post I write, I think the words flow a little easier, and hopefully that translates to a better read . 

So here I sit on a beautiful Summer Sunday to share a little shimmer. I KNOW, my opinion is biased but I truly believe you should always hire a professional for your event. Those moments that are the most intense are also often the most fleeting. By the end of this beautiful shower I had guests thinking this beautiful mommy-to-be and I had known each other for years ( but we had only just met in person that day!). 

Your photographer should just CLICK with you. The day is about YOU not them; they simply help facilitate the memories. They spend a good chunk of time in your personal space though so make sure that they are the best! This shower was really cool and I had to share with the internet world.

Many new moms are waiting to learn the gender of their baby , some new moms just hate the blue/pink "gender norms" .Whatever the reason gender neutral baby showers are making a very strong stand. This beautiful mom-to-be , opted to go with a nest theme. Handmade centerpieces and cute signs completed the feel. I don't know about everyone else but I just love little birdies , little bird cages, little nests; They just fill my heart with JOY!  

These fun moments you cannot make up ! Imagine how sad it would be if they did not have these memories to hold onto ? This beautiful shower took place at Trumpets at The Gate . If you are not familiar with it you should be! The staff was very sweet and accommodating and the venue was beautiful. Plus I may or may not have daydreamed about stuffing that GORGEOUS chair into my car ( Hello studio prop). The are the perfect venue for smaller events , weddings, showers dinner parties. Right on the water and some very beautiful sunsets.   

Congratulations Mommy and Daddy to-be. Your sweet little birdie will be arriving so soon. Thank you for letting us be a part of your big day <3














Brittany & Steve's Magical Harry Potter Wedding

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    From the moment I sat down with Brittany and Steve across the table at a Panera Bread in Syracuse NY, I KNEW they were kindred spirits. Their journey has been one of hope, loss, joy, heartache , commitment and true love. Their no nonsense attitude paired with their own ability to laugh at themselves is a testament of what true happiness looks like. I knew, I could bring their vision to life. 

   Brittany has a knack for flare and an eye for quality. Every single center piece and little touch was DIY. Her vision brought to life with the help of her trusted bridesmaids. Their wedding was the perfect backdrop to celebrate their marriage of 5 years. Brittany and Steve married for love, in a little courthouse room ,5 years prior to this event. It was a long time coming to  celebrate their love and marriage with a community that loves and supports them.

   Their daughter Natalie was blessed to have a second Dad in the picture and Steve truly loves her as though she were his own. Their son Connor was the perfect ring bearer and best man. Shortly before their big day they shared the happy news that baby number 3 was on the way! This day felt like the perfect celebration of a happy, loving , and growing family. This loving event was not completely  without a heavy heart . Steve's dad recently passed  and Brittany's very near and dear twin aunts were smiling down from above. They had a few viewing points throughout the day, however, and even their own seats during the ceremony. Passing by their photographs your could feel their love for the sweet couple. This day filled our hearts with so much joy that when the night was over we wanted to shout it from the rooftops! Congratulations Brittany and Steve , your love is truly inspiring for us all <3



Venue : Emerson Park

Catering : H & J Hospitality

Centerpieces : DIY

Cake : Geddes Bakery

Flowers: Sam Rao

Rings: Jared

DJ: Digital Sound Entertainment

Makeup: Syracuse Makeup Artistry

Wedding Dress : David's Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal


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