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A Fun New Concept

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   Hello everyone ! I hope that your summer is filled with bon fires and swimming holes , good food and even better people. My summer has been one of exploration. Our move to New York's Long Island has not been without its twists and turns and thankfully many new friends. My biggest goal this summer is to get back to my roots, explore what I love the most about it wedding photography, and  possibly most importantly  HOW  I can create the coolest experience ever for my clients. 

  That being said I have spent the better half of the last six months just meeting many new faces. Learning knew things and being constantly reminded that the world is so soo much bigger then the bubble we often find ourselves in. I think I may have found the best way to create some awesome life changing experiences: Share the awesomeness! I want to spend my summer sharing with all of you some industry secrets and awesome businesses that reflect the kind of service and style I strive to offer my own clients. Which brings us to one of my new favorite ideas. Meet The Pour Horse.

Image Courtesy of T Walker Photography 

Welcome to Texas' awesome mobile bar. Functionality meets style in this compact sleek design. I just had to know how Tassie came up with this idea!


"I have been bartending close to 8 years at many different establishments off and on throughout California. I had started doing little gigs here and there in the Los Angeles area but it was so saturated that I worked at a speakeasy, The Red Door, in Burbank to keep bills paid. When I moved to Texas, the hourly pay was so low that I told myself to book 3 months, that's all I needed in order to book 3 more months. I booked 3 months and I quit working for anyone else! I grew my business for a little less than a year before I stumbled across a caravan or a travel trailer that had been converted. I went to bed and dreamed of a horse trailer bar. It literally came to me in a dream! I started researching and saw that this was an idea someone else had in the U.K. But that is was lucrative, fun and just what I was looking for. "

Tassie what is your mission?

"This is something I've thought long and hard about... my mission is to create and inspire. Memories that are built off of extraordinary bar and beverage experiences."

 What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture?

We provide a whimsical and country chic inspired mobile horse-box bar for all occasions but also listen and work with clients to build extraordinary craft cocktails that play off the senses, memories and the simplicity of farm to glass with fresh in season juices and garnishes.

Image Courtesy of T Walker Photography 

Lastly why should brides choose you over the competition?

We treat every client as if they are my only client. We know how stressful planning can be so I am extremely responsive and offer many packages to work with every budget. We offer the best service in the industry with knowledgeable and experienced bartenders. We love teaching new bartenders but do not send them to an event unless they are up to speed with our seasoned staff. This can take months to a year of interning! 


"We also travel, The Pour Horse will travel anywhere in Texas. We even go outside of Texas to anywhere in the mainland United States for 1 month out of the year for those who do not typically have access to our concept. " The best part? Tassie and The Pour Horse are coming to New York State this summer ! 


Make sure that you keep up with The Pour Horse and all their travels by following them on Instagram and Facebook. You will be sure to see us together soon ;) 






Credits: Images Curtesy of The Pour Horse and T Walker Photography


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