Samantha B Studio | Bee + Jenny's Lifestyle Session

Bee + Jenny's Lifestyle Session

February 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hey there internet world ! Its been awhile. I have been working hard on bringing you fresh new content and I am very excited for the year ahead and all that I have planned . If you have been following along then you know I have spent the better part of the last eight months working on the super hush hush rebrand which I am hoping to roll out in March! I find that  I have a bit of a pattern , after the holidays I tend to withdraw a little work on things that don't involve a whole lot of socializing , then I pick my head up and before my very eyes an entire month has gone by ....whoops. 

 You may recognize this couple! We ran a contest a few months back and they were our winners. When I sat down with Bee + Jenny and got to know them better I felt like I was actually the winner here ! These two are so sweet and genuine and when they told me some of their favorite things to do where making pancakes , painting , reading together and the occasional video game challenge , it was a no brainer that their session was going to be in the home they created together. 

What better way to break the winter slump then with these two ? From the moment I reached their front door with their Wizard of Oz inspired sign I felt like I stepped right into one of Ms. Glinda's happy little bubbles. I admit I stayed longer then I usually would but if you where there you would have too. From fluffy pancakes to the perfect soundtrack it was easy to loose track of time. I hope that you feel the love that they have shared too <3 



P.S. A special little surprise. I am excited to announce that I now offer video services alongside photography . I am still working out some of the details but if you have been following along on other platforms then you have seen some of them. I have been exploring many different methods and collaborated with other artists to try and bring you the best experience and quality products that I can , I would love to hear from you ! Which has been your favorite so far and why ? Drop a comment below or shoot me an email , . I will be compiling most of them together on my new YouTube Channel Samantha B Studio check it out.  I hope you feel beautiful today <3 




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