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Alyssa & Anne's Intimate Long Island Elopement

September 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

               Elopements have my heart. As much as I love the elegant princess affair , those quiet backyard moments speak to my soul. Alyssa and Anne planned their intimate wedding and were not certain if a photographer was important , Anne's mom contacted me a week before the event because she knew she needed at least a few professional images from the day and I am so thankful she did!

              Alyssa and Anne wedded on a Saturday not so long ago. Though with nervousness towards the big day, they ascended with all the grace in the world. They created a love story I am eager to  share with all of you.

              I can tell that their  love will not stop here, with it they will create anything their hearts desire; They will find a place of home with room for celebration and rest. They will grow to tell of  happily ever after they have made as a family.

                As I look through these photos and see them smile, I smile too. I hope to give you also the chance to  witness the happiness they give their daughter, and praise these wonderful mothers on their perfect day.

                I love that they chose to incorporate sunflowers into their day because these two beautiful souls are as the sunflower, they will follow the warmth of the sun, and their love will blossom bigger and brighter by every passing summer.



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