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The Drury Family Grows!

October 04, 2015  •  2 Comments

         So anyone who knows me at all recognizes a face plastered all over my Facebook wall her name is Amber and anyone who knows me personally can expect to see her beautiful face almost anytime they see me. I'm going to get a little mushy here but I never thought I would find my soul sister! Amber is, for me, that cheesy friends forever friendship you watch in the movies that some people never find.

        Most people don't know but she basically walks right out of an episode of the Brady bunch and is the oldest of TEN. TEN. God bless her mother ( Who is also one of the sweetest most selfless human beings I have ever met) So when Amber asked me if I was up to the challenge of photographing their family of tweleve + a new addition (Welcome Morgan!) AND SOON TO BE 14 Congratulations LUKE + MORGAN for your precious little bundle of joy on the way; I HAD to jump to the challenge! Check out this BEAUTIFUL Family so near and dear to my heart <3


Now thats one good looking family right?!?!?!





And the parents that made it all happen!

The Sky was being pretty epic....


And Amber needed a few with Riley (who is much much bigger now)


Don't Forget the Epic jumping photos!

Welcome to the family Morgan! Congrats again to you and look can't wait to meet your little one ( I'm sure he will be just as photogenic as you guys)




Great Job Guys !!! Everyone pulled together and we got Fantastic results !!!



Lisa Drury(non-registered)
Love my brother and his family. Can I order a few prints?
Dan Hennessy(non-registered)
Great expose' of a great family...
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