Samantha B Studio | Gina+ Dave+ Payton's Surprise Gender Reveal !

Gina+ Dave+ Payton's Surprise Gender Reveal !

October 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

When my dear friend Gina told me she was expecting we both leapt for joy! Knowing very well her desire for another little one and sibling for sweet Payton. THEN when she told me that I might know her babies gender even before HER I could not contain my excitement. Neither parent nor sibling knew the gender of the newest addition to the family. Being trusted with this beautiful gold globe of paper mache and my important job of stuffing it with the right color! Well it all made me very weak in the knees lol . These are real emotions people Payton the brave little man was rooting for a boy, mom and dad hoping for a girl to complete their precious little family, and the verdict is.......





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