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Essentials For Your Boudoir Session

March 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

   The number one request I receive from boudoir clients is "What do I wear?!" I can't tell you how many women I have met that have talked themselves out of a session because they believe they have nothing to wear. I'm here to tell you this is untrue! Boudoir sessions are about feeling beautiful just the way you are , you don't need the *perfect wardrobe to feel beautiful. Below I have put together 3 essential outfits for your boudoir session that you likely already own in your wardrobe, which is always a bonus! 


  First. The number one item that most don't consider bringing to their boudoir session is "The Little Black Dress". Boudoir has come a long way in recent years and has begun to blend some with Glamour. Most people have a negative connotation with Glamour photography but this is a conversation for another post! My favorite way to get my ladies warmed up in front of the camera is to start with the little black dress. You are already spending a good part of your day with me , we might as well get you a professional headshot or new Facebook profile picture. Theres no better way to begin a boudoir session then with a dress that you feel comfortable and sexy in. Choose a nice statement jewelry piece that you can use later on in your session, it will help tie the whole thing together especially great for wall art and in your album later. Always bring a pair of black pumps, they go with almost everything and will elongate your legs for those fun full body poses. Lastly consider your nails. French tips or light pinks are best. You want something neutral that will not be distracting from the main subject, which is you!




  • Little Black Dress (or any color you love)
  • Statement Jewelry you can use again later
  • Black Pumps
  • Neutral Nails




Little Black Dress



Retro style dress



525 America turtleneck top
$94 -



Gianvito Rossi pumps
$675 -





Second. Now I have to say this is my FAVORITE. This is the best outfit for those who feel they have nothing to wear, because every single woman that I know has a favorite comfy sweater! Pair it with a comfy set of over the knee socks and (optional) cup of coffee and you look like sexy is your everyday self. This look is beautiful in studio as well as in home sessions. This outfit  is also the perfect opportunity to switch up your hair a bit with the half top knot thats uber trendy right now. Effortless beauty is the best kind!



  • Favorite Comfy Sweater
  • (optional) Trendy Top Knot Hairstyle
  • (optional) Cup O Joe




Natural Boudoir



WithChic knit sweater
$21 -



Urban Outfitters slouch socks



Third. If you are looking for a quick way to elevate your lingerie game you want straps. The More. The Better. But if you don't have strap you cannot go wrong with a lacy black two piece. This is also a perfect opportunity to include a sheer komono, or robe. Layers during your session will always be fun. You will have the opportunity to play with some of the off the shoulder sexy or spinning and playing with the extra fabric can translate into happy playful peppy photos.This is also a great opportunity to break out your nude heels. Nude heels are ESSENTIAL when planning your session. They elongate the leg while keeping the focus upward . We can also include again your statement jewelry piece from earlier.



  • Black Lacy Two Piece ( lots of straps optional)
  • Sheer Komono or Robe
  • Essential Nude Pumps
  • Statement Jewelry Piece (from earlier) 



Wild At Heart




ASOS strappy cage bra
$31 -




Christian Louboutin patent leather pumps
$565 -



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