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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

March 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

     Searching for a wedding photographer is hard. There are so many options out there , there are different styles , different prices; it all can get very confusing very quickly. Sometimes it is SO hard when I first meet a bride and hear all the tension in her voice knowing that she is comparing her many options and feels very lost and confused. Your wedding Photographer is one of the biggest aspects of your day and it is a big decision to make. I've put together a few thoughts on how to pick the best one below. 


     I think back to a particular wedding I had he pleasure of photographing with Emily Elizabeth Studios. Your wedding photographer(s) spend the most time with you throughout the day as ANYONE else. A great wedding photographer will understand your needs throughout the big day. I can't tell you how many times a photographer with a safety pin saved the day! Here are a few snaps I caught of Emily for a few behind the scenes roles many people don't realizer their wedding photographer could be helping with . A great wedding photographer will try to go above and beyond to make your day special and running smoothly. 





With someone helping behind the scenes it so much easier to enjoy your big day the little things don't even matter anymore! 




Something else you want to consider when choosing your wedding photographer is their attention to detail. Now there are a few different areas where this is important. But lets talk right now about the details of your wedding day. I cannot tell you how many times a bride has said something along the lines of "wow I didn't even know that was happening" or "thank you so much for capturing that detail I can't find it anywhere". You will spend countless hours and dollars on every little detail of your big day. Notes and letters can become lost, center pieces are bulky and maybe you rented them. You might be surprised from the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you find a photograph of something small from your wedding day, maybe it was even something you had forgotten until that very moment. When choosing a wedding photographer for yourself consider their attention to detail in their images. 



Personality is oh such a big one. You should feel comfortable with your photographer. Maybe you are shy , but you trust them completely to help your personality shine through. They are fun and lighthearted and they make you feel lighthearted on the BEST DAY EVER. My clients love that we can be a little silly together and that silliness comes through in their memories. 



     Make sure that your photographer can tell your story. Your wedding should be a story from start to finish. Look for stories in your wedding photographers work. I love part of this Bride & Groom's story.

     In Poland, a central part of the wedding ceremony is the presentation of bread and salt to the newly-married couple. The parents of the couple present them with rye bread sprinkled with salt and a drink; the bread represents the symbolic hope that they will never go hungry; the salt reminds them that their joint life will have its difficulties and the drink represents the parents' wishes for health and happiness for the couple. The Bride and Groom are then presented with two glasses, one glass contains vodka, and the other only water. Of course the couple cannot tell which is which; the one who gets vodka will play a leading role in the new marriage.



   I think its safe to say our groom found the vodka :) 


     The last thing I'm going to give you when considering your wedding photographer is how you wish to be portrayed on your big day. Photographers have many different styles in terms of posing their subject . Some are very posed very formal. Others are very candid whatever you do naturally . I personally like to be somewhere in the middle. Guiding you through your own natural poses. Ask your photographer what their posing style is like and you will have a great idea on how your day will go. 


      If you keep these things in mind when meeting your potential photographer you are sure to find the perfect fit for you and your future spouse. Best wishes on your journey! 





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